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Cargoers system is a personal cargo application that helps people (senders) to send their personal cargos or ask for shopping by traveler (carriers) who will get money from senders to carry their cargos and deliver it to destination addresses!

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From one side, Cargoers allows senders to register their cargo and shopping requests. From the other side, it allows carrier to schedule their trips. Later, it facilitate matching between carrier and senders to make successful transaction.

Freely shopping.

Cargoers allows you to make shopping from any website or store even if they do not support cargo to your location.

Personal cargo.

Cargoers allows you to send any personal cargo you want from your location to any other location.

Lower cost.

Cargoers allows you to negotiate the cargo fees to pay the minimum for your cargos.

Faster delivery.

Cargoers allows you to send cargo or deliver your shopping very quickly.

Best Features

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Negotiable fees

Negotiate all fees freely and select the most suitable ones based on your needs

Trips scheduling

Travelers can plan their trips easily with the ability to define continues routes for similar trips.

Custom notifications

You can define customized alarms to get notified for new opportunities or trips of your favorite routes.

Wallet management

You will have a virtual wallet on Cargoers for paying fees, transferring credit and withdrawing gaining.


You can communicate easily with transaction members, system operators and other all Cargoers customers without any limitation.


All customers will be verified by Email, mobile number and documents to be able to send cargo or plan a trip.


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